• Plastic vs. Glass vs. Steel Balls

    Did you know our roller balls are not plastic? They are actually GLASS! I think people just automatically assume our balls are plastic since most standard roller bottles come with plastic balls. Before we opened our store, we tested out many different types of rollerballs. We tried plastic, but they tend to break down causing the balls to fall out and we know nobody likes to lose precious oil! We tried stainless steel balls as well. They actually work great but it just isn't our personal preference. So we offer steel balls as an upgrade. That left us with glass. The glass is perfect. It doesn't break down, it doesn't fall out, and best of all, it doesn't leak or put out too much oil. Now, we get a lot of questions asking why the rollerball doesn't roll easily. If you find that the ball seems to tight, there's a reason for that. It's so they won't leak or fall out. The trick to getting it to roll smoothly is to roll the ball on your palm or with your finger so that the ball gets coated in oil. Once the ball is completely covered in oil, it will roll much easier, and it will not leak in the future ;)

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