Gemstone & Crystal Rollerball

(1 stone)

Gemstone & Crystal Rollerball<p> (1 stone)
  • Gemstone & Crystal Rollerball<p> (1 stone)
  • Gemstone & Crystal Rollerball<p> (1 stone)
  • $ 4.00

When crystals, essential oils, and the individual’s energy field are brought together, they begin to synchronize to the highest frequency. The frequency of crystals and pure essential oils hold a very high frequency creating the potential for the body to raise its frequency and its vibration above its normal frequency. Using crystals and essential oils together creates energy potential and healing previously unavailable to our conscious mind!

Don't be fooled by cheap synthetic imitation Gemstones that aren't effective! You get what you pay for.


  1. Amethyst
  2. Blue lace agate
  3. Carnelian
  4. Clear quartz
  5. Hematite
  6. Rainbow fluorite
  7. Red Aventurine
  8. Rose quartz
  9. Sodalite
  10. Tiger's Eye

NOTE: Due to natural variances, the crystals you receive may look different from the pictures. Also the gemstones may take a few rolls to get moving as they need to get lubricated all around.

Use these crystals with ALL our rollerball kits!

Chakra Rollerballs
Earth Star Chakra - hematite
Root Chakra - red aventurine
Sacral Chakra - carnelian
Solar Plexus Chakra - tiger’s eye 
Heart Chakra - rose quartz
Throat Chakra - blue lace agate
Brow Chakra - sodalite
Crown Chakra - amethyst
Soul Star Chakra - clear quartz
Zeal Point Chakra - rainbow fluorite

Essentially Well (adult wellness & reflexology)
Respiratory - sodalite
Throat - blue lace agate
Romance - rose quartz
Muscle - amethyst
Energy - clear quartz
Head - red aventurine
Sleep - hematite
Stomach - tiger's eye
Defense - rainbow fluorite
Seasonal - carnelian

Progeny's Potions (Kids wellness 3 mo - 12 year old)
Nose concoction - sodalite
Focus power - clear quartz
Ear magic - rose quartz
Tummy tonic - blue lace agate
Dream spell - hematite
Happy brew - tiger's eye
Grow elixir - amethyst
Head potion - red aventurine
Seasonal enchantment - carnelian
Defense sorcery - rainbow fluorite

Rollerball Mentality (adult emotions)
singing the blues - carnelian
anger management - red aventurine
ego boost - blue lace agate
stress less - hematite
calm + focused - rainbow fluorite
study session - sodalite
anxious mess - amethyst
memory loss - tiger’s eye
hormonal wreck - clear quartz
chillaxin - rose quartz

Yoga & Meditation
mindful - tiger’s eye
focus - clear quartz
clarity - blue lace agate
intention - red aventurine
present - carnelian
grounded - sodalite
uplift - hematite
tranquil - rainbow fluorite
align - rose quartz
be still - amethyst

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