Using Essential Oils with Kids Tear Sheet Pad

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Using essential oils on your child comes with many benefits and helps teach them that natural solutions are just a drop away.

The perfect complement to a "Progeny's Potions" Make & Take Workshop, this 2-sided tear sheet of 25 sheets contains 3 recipes on the back of the tear sheet along with valuable safety and usage information for kids 3 months to 12 years old.

  • 10 ml rollerball dilution chart for children dependent upon age
  • Using essential oils with children (Aromatic & Topical)
  • Essential oils to avoid at certain ages
  • Essential Oil Safety & Kids
  • Kids Reflexology
  • Dangers of Fennel and information on convulsants
  • 3 recipe blends for kids
    • Tooth Tonic Rollerball Recipe
    • Diaper Rash Spray Recipe
    • Temper Tamer Rollerball Recipe
Your Oils + Our Kits
Use with your own brand of oils!

To make all 3 of the kids recipes, you'll need the following items:
  • Carrier Oil
  • Essential Oils: Clove, 
    Frankincense, Lavender, Melaleuca, Orange, Roman Chamomile
Recommended Uses:

This 2-sided tear sheet of 25 sheets is a perfect stand alone for a child themed Make & Take Workshop. Can also be used as an informative informational sheet for those interested in using essential oils on their child.

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